Smart Group - Restrict plug-in to path, not just title

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Using Casper Suite 8.71

Some applications install Flash Player into their own directory such as, /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS6/Configuration/plug-ins/Flash Player.plugin. This gets reported as a plug-in and counts towards false positives.

I would like to create a smart group which only counts Flash Player that is located in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin. Is this possible without resorting to extension attributes?


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Probably not. Casper Suite doesn't let you exclude paths for collecting fonts, plug-ins or even applications. It only lets you include additional ones.
If you want to be able to exclude paths, then vote up this Feature Request, though it doesn't look like its gaining much traction right now.

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This would be really useful.

We should ideally be able to specify "Dont Collect Any" as a default
and then to also be able to specify just those paths that we are interested in.

Because there are so many plugins (CS6 Suite), "collecting all plugins", makes "collect plugins", almost next to useless
the simplest solution would be if you COULD specify paths to collect from as suggested.

I for one am going to vote this up.

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Vote. That. Junk. Up.

In all seriousness, the work-around might be an extension attribute for particular plug-ins you care about with any specificity. A simple bash script to verify that a particular file exists in a location should do.