Smart Groups and Receipt Info

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I've got six Apple security updates loaded into Casper, 2013-001, 002 and 003 for both 10.6.8 and 10.7.5. I'm about to deploy the 003 updates using smart groups > Receipt Info > Packages Installed By Casper > Does not have > 'newpackagename'

But when I use the ellipses to choose the package, I only see four of the six packages listed to choose from. One of the new pks is there, one is not. I re-added it and that did not help. I also deleted the 001 updates from Casper, and they still appear in the list.

Shouldn't every package in Casper appear in that list? Is something else at play here that determines if a package appears in that list?


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To make a package appear in the list, it needs to be installed on at least one client.
Once you install it on a client and recon it, it should show up.
You can however enter the name manually.

On a side note, you could also scope it to a smart group based on > Receipt Info > Available SWUs > has > "nameofsecurityupdate"

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What Chris said; use "Available SWUs".

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Yes, but "Available SWUs" only works if you're collecting them in inventory collection preferences, and then only if you aren't blocking that particular update on your SUS, since its something the client needs to see and report on.

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Confirmed, my test machine that got the update first had not recon'd. Once it did, there it was.

So yeah, I'd love to use Available SWU, but, the clients are behind an internet proxy, and I don't have internal SUS available yet.

So, if the machine recons after the proxy authentication expires, it can't hit Apple SUS and then actually populate Available SUS with a zero. Grrrrr.