Smart Laptop Carts

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I work in a school and we use quite a few carts for MacBooks and iPads. Does anyone know of or have experience with carts that not only charge but have network connection to see how many devices are connected remotely? Whenever I search, I just come up with just charging carts or carts that allow you to hook up a computer and run configurator. These are nice features but something with remote connection would really help out.

Thanks, Cameron


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We have a Bretford cart that does this, well sort of. I purchased it in 2015 and after nearly a year of troubleshooting I gave up on it. The cart itself works but the app could never find the cart to pair with. Reset the controller in the cart several times and unblocked nearly everything I could find on our web filter. Bretford support did respond timely but didn't have much in the way of helpful info.

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We have multiple versions of the Bretford carts. Configurator is about as good as it gets.