JNUC Super Early Bird pricing for Education Customers

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Hello JAMF Nation,

Two weeks ago we launched our JNUC registration site and we already have 170 registrations completed -- approximately evenly split between Education and Commercial customers.

Also over these two weeks, we have heard much feedback from you. Given what we've heard and learned, specifically from our education customers, we have made the following important decision:

JAMF's Super Early Bird discount of $499 will be extended for our Education customers until July 13th.

This decision is motivated by an Education budget season that typically starts in July. Thank you to our customers for providing this valuable feedback.

There is no change for commercial organizations, where the Super Early Bird discount expires on May 4th as previously announced (then rising to $599).

I hope this helps. The earlier we can attract registrations, the better we can plan the event. Plus, we are well ahead of last year's registration pace at this point. Given the changes this year, we have no idea whether JNUC will fill up -- but, to be safe, we should all plan on it. You can guarantee your place by getting registered early πŸ™‚

Please respond with questions, or you can write jnuchelp@jamfsoftware.com for registration assistance.

Thank you!



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While this doesn't affect me in any way (not in EDU), I wanted to say Thank You! for making this change. I'm sure this will be very welcomed by the edu crowd. In the very least it will give them more time to make the case for going and getting this into the budget for them to attend.

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This does affect me in EDU and I'm super appreciative! Thank you!!!

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Another Commercial/Enterprise customer saying "Thank you". The event would lack a lot of diversity and knowledge if the .edu administrators were not as well represented.

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EDU here. Thank you! Every little bit of time to make our case helps!


I'm in EDU and was able to sneak mine through already, but thanks for the extension! I get so much from the other EDU interaction and presentations!

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Any idea when we'll know when presenters are going to be decided upon? I have a feeling some people (myself included) will have an easier time getting approval for attending if the registration fee is waved.

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@emilykausalik You're supposed to get approved with the registration fee included, then take everyone out for drinks when you get it waived.

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@thoule oh is that how that works? lol

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@deanhager Way to go! Though, not for the obvious edu price extension. Thanks for engaging! One thing that I've seen throughout this entire discussion is your commitment to listen and respond to the user community. Perhaps we're all used to the familial/communal nature of jamfnation. Yet, having JAMFs new CEO on the forums announcing new polices, explaining/defending them and collaborating during what I'm sure must be a very busy schedule, really speaks to me about not only your commitment to JAMF but of JAMF's commitment to us, your customers and our users.

Thank you Dean.

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@Chris_Hafner Thanks for making my day πŸ™‚

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Somehow I missed this when it came out. Guess I need to watch the jamfnation stream and not rely on emails for previously subscribed topics!!!

@deanhager Thank you for allowing us in Education to have a chance to use the Early Bird discount with next year's budget money. This should allow more of us to come, and be able to connect.


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So @deanhager is this still going on? Or can it be πŸ™‚ I am trying to get my org to send to me JNUC2020, JNUC2019 was amazing.