Smartcard solutions for Macs

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Hi list,

I have been working on Smartcard solution for our Mac users but Apple
seems to drop the ball completely with Lion. I got it working, but 10.6.8
update has broken it :(

So I will be looking into 3rd party solution for this, as I can't rely on
voluntarily run solution.

Only ones I have come across are Centrify and AdmitmacPKI.

Any off you out there using these or any other products? I would love to
hear how is it working for you, especially together with Casper.

Thanks for reading



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Check the source:

Jared F. Nichols
Desktop Engineer, Client Services
Information Services Department
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street
Lexington, Massachusetts 02420

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Yeah I know, that's was my main source too...but not good anymore as its
voluntarily run. So if they decided to drop the project then I am cooked!!
Even Apple is encouraging me to look for 3rd party solution/s.

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After the 10.6.8 update I can no longer login with the smart card. Even
though smartcard shows in Keychain. At login it just shakes up like it
tries to do a ldap query, but comes back with username and pw window again.
Anyway the point is, this solution its not supported by Apple...I am
looking for 3rd party options.

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Funny that, I was speaking to a random salesman today and he was talking
very negative about AdmitMacPKI ???