smb mount and mount point on macOS 10.13, 10.14 and 10.15

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When I make a connection with our server by the finder, "Connect to Server" with the following command


the mount point is


That is ok for me.

I drag and drop the icon from the desktop to the login items.
At the next login the mount point is


How to change the mount point to


Thanks in advance for your answer(s),



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Instead of using "Login Items," create a little script that uses mount_smbfs <server/share> <existing folder> that you want to use as a mount point. Save it somewhere. make it excutable. Then create a plist file to put in ~/Library/Launch Agents that points to the shell script you saved. Now launchd takes over and always automounts the share at the mount point you specify.

The mount point can be inside /Volumes or it can be anywhere you tell it. I just whipped up a launchd item that connects to a share and mounts it at ~/Desktop/MYSHIT.

So if I'm in Terminal, I cd to MYSHIT and there's all my stuff on the share. Interestingly enough Finder won't display the directory MYSHIT. Instead it replaces that name with the sharename on the server. I assume that you do a lot of work in Terminal rather than Finder, so doing it this way gives you more control and more consistency.