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Wow, thanks for each of you jumping in here with suggestions.

Thomas - Sorry, this is bound to Open Directory as and Advanced Server with Mobility Accounts, WIKI's and previously a mail server. I thought this information might be needed-after I clicked send.

Craig - This was an upgrade from 6.0 to 6.0.14 since Tomcat could not start with 6.0 and OD without editing a config file. If Nick's suggestion doesn't pan out, I may consider reinstalling from scratch as this is a new install that I can scrap if needed.

Nick - I will try the suggestions you provided and reply back with the results. This may have to be tried early next week as we are wrapping up for the day and we have the long weekend here in the States.

Thanks again to all who replied, I will report back.

Ron Prue
Technical Services
Noah Corporation