This Apple Package did not have a valid file

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I uploaded iWork '08 to our Casper server, and set a self-service policy.

When trying to install via self-service, the install process bombs out (silently and quickly).

the Casper logs show this:
/usr/sbin/jamf is version 6.0
Executing Policy iWork '08...
Downloading BOM for iWork08.mpkg...
This Apple Package did not have a valid file. Assuming it is a flat file package.
Downloading ...
Installing Apple iWork '08...
Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Error the package path specified was invalid: '/Library/Application Support/JAMF/ Downloads/iWork08.mpkg'.




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You are correct in that the BOM part has to do with HTTP enabled distribution points.

Some MPKG just can't install through the JSS, too. I'm tying to recall if iWork was one I was having issues with...

Craig E

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Hi jeremy

I have seen this just today also! I got it trying to push the package though. I was going to try forcing an AFP connection rather than the default HTTP as I suspect it might be something to do with this. Didn't get time to try it though.
-- Many thanks

Tom Welch