SMTP server and Office 365

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I am trying to setup out JSS to relay messages out to Office 365. All of our mailboxes are in the cloud.I have it setup to use on port 587 with SSL. Anyone else set this up and have any info. I keep getting an error when sending a test email.


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Hi @kdbillings74

We have this running with our JSS at the moment.

The only difference we have is using TLS instead of SSL

I'd suggest giving that a go. Good luck!


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Hi @kdbillings74

Did you ever get this working? We have the same issue. Tried @daz_wallace 's suggestion but that didn't work.


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We figured it out - you need to use TLS and the UPN in the username field for it to work.

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Well played, it worked for me. Thanks @typeraj

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How do you setup smtp setting for Office 365 with no on prem smtp server?

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not working for me tried all encryption settings combined with UPN


try the following (although this will be an issue when MSFT deprecates BasicAuth)
Server and Port: : 587
Encryption: TLSv1.2
Requires Authentication: Enable + Add UID/PASS

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Yeah any news from Jamf to support the new modern auth with SMTP?

Hire me as an independent contractor.

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we are in october 2021. still cannot use the smtp with our azure modern auth. smtp basicauth is disable on azure.

anyone has found a solution ? 

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Same boat.  Can't get SMTP to work with O365

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I have the same problem, and have a consultant assisting us with our setup who does not know why it's not working.

Set this up with an account that is NOT enabled for MFA, with the SMTP authentication enabled.

Using port 587 with TLSv1.2 (tried the others also).

UPN for the username

Tried the workaround posted by jsmith_pbs.

Still not working. 

ERROR:Error sending message.
SUGGESTION:Ensure you can connect to the SMTP Server.



Just to re-confirm what I am using (successfully):

Port: 587
Connection Timeout: 5s
Requires Authentication: <username> <password>
Encryption: TLSv1.2

Thanks for the feedback!

I tried that, still failing.

  • Tried both and
  • both ports 25 and 587
  • Connection timeout from 5 to 20 seconds
  • With and without authentication
  • All encryption options

And every combination possible of the above

Verified the password on the account, verified that it is NOT enabled for MFA, verified that the account is enabled and can log in, and that SMTP authentication is enabled on the account.

I also created a connector in Exchange online, with all the IP addresses Jamf lists as sending IPs

Also verified that there are no conditional access policies that would be blocking.


Still no joy.

Might be a lost cause, but I've opened a support case with Jamf about this.


We've been working with a consultant to help us get up to speed on Jamf for Mac management, and he can't figure it out either.