Software installation during power nap on Macbook Retinas and Airs

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Hello everyone,

I was curious if anyone out there has solved the mystery of installing applications or application updates while a Macbook Pro Retina or Macbook Air is in the power nap mode? I have been able to adjust the power management settings for my macs on campus to disable hibernation, sleep, standby, and autopoweroff while the lid is closed. However, the illustrious power nap mode I kept enabled in the hope that I would be able to install applications while the macs were in their security cases and plugged in.

The issue I am running into with power nap and casper is that the mac will only check in whenever it "feels like it" which delays the policies I am trying to run to install applications or updates. So I'm trying to figure out how to make check in happen more often when these macs are in power nap mode.

Mind you all, I am trying to do this over wi-fi, not ethernet

Any ideas JAMF Nation???



According to Apple, Power Nap doesn't support installing software updates. Just downloading them.

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Thanks for responding Matt!

I saw that post reference before by another technician I spoke to at Apple, but I noticed that the support article said:

And these activities can occur while your Mac is asleep and plugged in to an AC power outlet:
Software updates download
Mac App Store items (including software updates), download in the background

Time Machine performs backups
Spotlight perform indexing
Help Center content updates
Wireless base stations can wake your Mac (Wake on Wireless)

But, just yesterday, I tested a profile that was meant to deliver a composer DMG I created for MS Outlook 2016 that meant to update the software and overnight it was able to download the DMG from our file share. I checked to see if the version of Outlook was updated, and to my surprise, it was!

So really the long and short of it is, can I or does someone else know how to adjust how often the JSS can force a check in with a power napping Macbook Retina or Macbook Air through some script or perhaps something I can adjust on the OS X. If this update can be installed when one of these Macbooks decides to check in, then the check in has to be able to be adjusted somehow.