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I'm having trouble getting an inventory of the software we have employed across the network. I can find a list of installed software for each individual machine, but I would like to be able to search for a specific installed software and see each machine it is installed on, without having to create a new smart computer group for each application. I think I'm supposed to be using patch management for this, but patch management doesn't show all the software installed across the network. Is there a script for this, or is there a built-in feature that I'm just overlooking?



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@asher.wilkinson When in your Jamf Pro server, under search inventory, change the drop down menu where it currently says "Computers" to "Applications" See the screenshot for an example of what I mean:


Once you do that, then you can enter a search for an application, like say, "Microsoft" and it will pull up a list of all installed versions of the app. It can be sorted to show machines that it's installed on by choosing an option from the View By menu, and the arrows will let you expose the version of the app each machine has on it. See screenshot:


The only sad thing is, you can't export the search results out this way. I seem to think that we used to be able to export these, but perhaps I'm remembering that wrong. In any event, we can't do it right now.

As an alternative, if you need your results to be exportable, you can do the following:

Create an advanced search. Saving it is optional.
Choose "Application Title" as the criteria, change the operator to "has" and enter your application name. (Optional: Add "Application Version" and enter a version string. Leave that out if you want all version results)


Click Search and then choose Export after the results come up.
Click through the export screens until you get to the "Choose the inventory item on which to base your results" screen and change it to "Applications"


When it exports, you will be able to open the file in Excel and it should list your results in a way that you can see which Macs have which software installed on them. I'm not crazy about how those searches export, but I gather it's the only logical way they can be done in a csv format.

Hope that helps.