software restriction by time

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Wanted to restrict software (messages) during hours of the day for my users but that is not an option on JSS. So I had an idea that I would create a software restriction, and create a policy that would remove the blacklist.xml file to lift the restriction. Tested today to see if after the policy was inactive if the restricted software record would throw the blacklist.xml file back in place but it did not. Anybody have any ideas on how I could put that file back while the policy was inactive? Anyone trying something similar?



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Take a look at my post here for an idea. This was tested (but not used) and tests were successful.

BTW, the reason the restriction didn't get placed back on the systems may have been because the Mac wasn't checking in with Casper at that point. (Was it off your network at that point?) It needs to run a jamf manage command or some other type of successful check-in with your JSS before it can know what it needs to pull down for the blacklist.xml.