Software Update Complete message after EVERY reboot


We're seeing an issue across our managed iPhone/iPads after installing iOS/iPadOS 14.6 with the "Software Update Complete" message and Wi-Fi chooser are appearing every time the devices are restarted.

The issue is (seemingly) only hitting our Jamf managed devices as my personal iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro aren't seeing this behaviour.

Anyone else come across this or have any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting it?


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Hi @jsherwood I've been having this issue since the release of iOS 14.5.1. I've got a support case open with Jamf as the issue only occurs when the device on either iOS 14.5.1 or 14.6 is enrolled to Jamf. I've wiped a couple of devices with this issue and set them up as a personal phone and the issue no longer occurs however as soon as I put them back via DEP this then occurs with the "Software Update Complete".

Just out of interest are your devices added to your Apple Business Manager from your reseller or are you using Apple Configurator 2 to add the iOS devices to ABM like myself? I'm seeing the issue on both iPhones and iPad's.


Hi @Tomsmithdrpg - I hadn't seen this with 14.5.1 but definitely a "thing" for us with 14.6 on both iPhones and iPads. I opened a case with Jamf late yesterday afternoon so not had any responses yet - through the Mac Admins Slack I've also found someone in the US with this issue so we're not alone!

For hardware, we're purchasing direct from Apple so everything going straight into ABM.

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@jsherwood I've spoken to Jamf this morning and they've linked your post with my open case as well as I opened the case back on May 7th and no one at Jamf had seen this issue before so I'm glad it's not just me with this issue.

Interesting that this is happening with resellers as well as I've only got Apple Configurator devices. I've created a new Pre-Stage with just Touch-ID and Passcode allowed on Pre-Stage but still getting this issue when re-deploying the devices on 14.5.1 and above. Unfortunately, I'm all out of ideas to try my side but I've sent off logs to Jamf from a device I'm having this issue with so will update you with any progress.

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We have the same issue here with our iPhones after upgrading to 14.5. We are using Jamf School to manage it.
We also notice a battery drain which is fixed after the reboot.

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Same problem here.

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I have a couple devices that are doing the same thing. Interesting observation that it is only devices running through Jamf, all my devices are in Jamf so I can't test that part. Also all the devices that I have had problems with Apple Configurator 2

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I've managed to work with Jamf Support to find the issue and how to resolve it for new devices going forward. David West from Jamf Support found on the Beta 3 release for iOS 14.7 this looks to be fixed from the below quote. So fingers crossed any devices with this issue when upgraded to iOS 14.7 should resolve this.

(Beta 3) If a device is configured to skip the Welcome screen during Automated Device Enrollment Setup Assistant will no longer be shown when the device is rebooted.

Any way to get this working for new devices now if you are deploying make sure under 'Setup Assistant Options' you have unticked 'Get Started' for your Pre-Stage. I had this ticked for my Production Pre-Stage and my Test Pre-Stage then when I saw the above Welcome screen I unticked 'Get Started' and this then displays in the Pre-Stage deployment on the iOS device but resolved the issue for both Production and Test Pre-Stages for me.

Hopefully, this resolves the issue for everyone else. Big thanks to David West for helping out with this issue. 96c3980fc2cd406cacf7c9c50ce2ccb4

Thanks for this info. Unticking the "Get Started" box in the Prestage workflow seems to have solved this for my iOS devices running iOS 14.6.

However, I wasn't experiencing the exact same issue. Nothing about software update complete, but rather after each restart/reboot the iPads would go back through a few of the setup screens, choose a language, choose a country, etc. 

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For what it's worth, my company is no longer a JAMF user but am seeing this error on two personal devices that are managed by OurPact, so it may be any managed device and not necessarily JAMF managed devices.

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I've tested a device that was having this issue on iOS 14.5.1 and have now updated this to iOS 14.7 and the issue has disappeared for me on this device so it looks like Apple have resolved this in the latest iOS release. 


Did this require erasing the device or did it just magically quit happening on restarts after the upgrade?

I just updated the affected device and then after it was updated to iOS 14.7 I restarted the device and this was booting as expected. I found the below release notes the other day regarding iOS 14.7.

"iOS 14.7
Bug fixes and improvements
• Resolves an issue in Setup Assistant that skipped the passcode pane if the Touch ID and Face ID pane was skipped.
• Setup Assistant will no longer appear after restarting a device.
• Application traffic will correctly route through the configured On Demand VPN with split tunnel."