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Hi All

I have a question and hope someone can help answer.

I've created a policy that points users the Casper server for its software updates, but users are still unable to use the App store to get updates. Is possibe to disble them from getting OSX updates from the App store?

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We just disable the app store and push all software updates through the JSS.

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If your goal is to allow users to self install updates then no, the App Store is how apps are installed. Instead of allowing users to install, you can just create a policy to automatically install Apple Updates. We run it everyday and control which updates are available by using the JAMF NetSUS server. If you want the end user to control when the updates are installed, you could create a self service policy that installs all available updates.


I'm looking to stop users from installing/updating OSX updates on their own and prefer it to be pushed by a SUS server

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You have a number of options; what you use depends upon your environment.

You can use a managed preference or configuration profile to manage the behavior of the App Store. You can look in the JSS for examples and/or around JAMF Nation for specifics.

Another option of keeping users from using the App Store to install/update OS X updates is to use the JSS to "restrict" the App Store. In other words, whenever the App Store is launched, configure the JSS to kill the process.


Thanks all for your advice