Software updates beta - macOS updates

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Hi community,

Here looking for feedback on this beta feature from jamf pro specifically on things that have not worked out for you upgrading macOS to Ventura 13.5.2

- I did a test on my mac but restart is not forced - anyway a restart can be forced? 

- I received the Software Update notification come in successfully on my machine and I diverted it but did not received another notification even though I set for this to occur 3 times

Your input is appreciated. 



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My recommendation is to not use that as a tool for software updates.  It is still broken and has been broken for a while. 


Instead, use erase-install and nudge. Or Super. 



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I tested it for about a week and found that, though it would push the update, there was never a notification to the user about the update, no option for defferral, and most worryingly, no notification prior to a reboot. So, essentially, it was a silent upgrade to the user.  I did open a ticket with Jamf and they mentioned this type of behavior has been noted, and there is an internal PI for it (dont have the number offhand).  When/if they get it right, this is going to be a major improvement for managing upgrades.  I'd definitely rather rely on a tool built in to the MDM than relying on additional 3rd party tools (though they DO work effectively).