Software upgrades during check-in

New Contributor II

Still relatively new to jamf so forgive me for what could totally be a noob question...

When I update packages for a policy (say to go from version 6 to 7) of a particular software, how do I ensure that all the previous machines that are being managed get that new version of the software, and at the same time, how would I tell them to remove the old version if multiple applications are created?

I have the policies set for enrollment and check in, but also only (once per computer) so when it enrolled and got the original policy it met that requirement so it won't attempt to install it again, correct? I'm guessing maybe I just need to create a new policy with the updated package and set that as check in as well?

Any other recommendations on best practice for this?



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The easiest way would be to update the package in your policy then flush the policy logs so that the update will run on all enrolled computers at checkin and any new ones at enrollment. I do this for all our browser updates (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc).