Some of us have to work


Good work on organising this patrick,

However its a bit to early in the day. Maybe worth considering changing this to after work hours so people from all industries can attend


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Actually, most of us here have to work... perhaps more details on what you're responding to may help? :)

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He's responding to the Perth meetup (tagged), suggesting a time later in the day to avoid work conflicts.

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Ah. Showing up as a separate thread in the discussions, so a little confusing :)

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Its always a little confusing when a post is just tagged with reference to an event or topic but its not spelled out in the post itself. This isn't anyone's fault since they are generating the post from the original event listing so no-one thinks to repeat in their post what they're referring to. But JN always puts the final post here in the main Discussions section, so its disconnected.
I've been confused by them myself in the past. Its especially true since I often read posts in my email account as they come through and unfortunately the tags that show up here aren't present in the emails.

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@rickgmac Thanks for the feedback. Working at a school, I think I got too focused on that Friday being an extra long weekend for most educational institutions. I've had some interest for the current time, so I'll leave it as-is for now, but will definitely look at scheduling a future meetup at a later time.

Sorry about the confusing thread everyone.