Sophos Endpoint Extension Attribute broken.

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Hi All,

Just a heads-up, I'm seeing Sophos Endpoint now get installed in /Applications/Sophos/Sophos, which breaks the built in Extension Attribute under Patch Management.

It doesn't look like you can edit the EA's that patch management applies, so you might start getting Not Installed, when it actually is.

JAMF will need to update the EA to support both locations.


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This still hasn't been fixed, so I've created a support ticket.

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Yep and I've had a ticket in for almost a month about the patch management being out of date as it's on 10.X now.

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I have an open ticket as well. All we need to do is replace one line with

if [ -d /Applications/Sophos ] || [ -d /Applications/Sophos/Sophos ]; then

but we are unable to do so. I don't know why this is something that takes months to get implemented, leaving their product broken in the meantime.

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Same here, PI-008824 was pointed out to me..... why does it takes so long to sort something as simple as this!?

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I managed to fix the extension by editing the MySQL jamf database directly

The scripts are located in the table : jamf.patch_software_title_extension_attribute_scripts