Sophos Intecept X on IOS through JAMF?


Has anyone successfully deployed Sophos Intercept X for Mobile to IOS devices through JAMF? I'm interested in doing this for web filtering. According to Sophos' documents you have to create a custom app in the 3rd part EMM but I see no way to do this in JAMF Pro. I believe this has to be done in the App Configuration for the Sophos Intercept X for Mobile app but I'm not sure of the syntax. Anyone have experience with this?


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Did you find an answer to this. I've just started looking into the Intercept X for Mobile but looks like we need to purchase Sophos Mobile which looks like another MDM. Was wondering if it's possible to install intercept X for Mobile and have an overview of the device in Sophos Central.

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For anyone who came across this looking for assistance to accomplish the same, here are the basics for Sophos Cloud. You will need your generated connection code from Sophos mobile to use the basic app management code below. Replace the "REPLACE ME" section between strings with your generated connection code, go to your mobile device apps in Jamf, and place the code under the App Configuration preferences for Sophos Intercept X for Mobile.

For further customization, the SpecForm generator I used can be found here ( after which you will need to convert it using this ( then paste in the app configuration tab.


To obtain your connection code navigate to Sophos Central
Click Mobile on the left side under your products.
Click Setup in Settings -> Sophos Setup -> Third Party EMM

This is the area where you can setup the connection code. Once you obtain your connection code, paste in into where @user-PSNfcUCjmc has written <string>REPLACEMEWITHCONNECTIONCODE</string> under the apps App Configuration Tab in preferences on JAMF.