Sound not playing on iPad when in lost mode.

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This morning we had a student lose their iPad. It was found and it was in lost mode, and I was able to remove the lost mode. The problem is, it didn't make a sound. We would have found it hours before if it played the sound. It was on and the volume was up. Also, the location wasn't showing up in Jamf. Any ideas on why, or how we can fix it?


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I know this is a bit old post, but I just wanted to know if you get an answer from JAMF or someone else? I just went through the exact same issue. Ipad found and showing the message, though.


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@cesargopu I'm assuming you saw the PlaySound mdm command push through to the device? I've seen this happen as well and I can usually get one to emit the sound if I play it manually from the Security section under the Inventory tab. Scroll down if you have a smaller screen and you'll see a Play Sound button.

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I was about to post this question so figured I would reply to see if anyone found a solution?  I have an iPad on our network that is taking commands and location showing in the school, but no one is hearing the sound - even when I played the sound in the Security section like @mainelysteve  posted about.  

I am also unsure if the volume makes a difference or another setting. it is on iOS 15.7.  I've done lostmode enough that it (this school year) is like 50/50 if it actually plays a sound.  Haven't pinpointed what may cause it yet.