sources for update packages


Where are you all getting .pkg files to use for package definitions?  Some apps don't release their patches as .pkg files.  Also. Apple is not providing direct downloads anymore that I can find.  Are there secret mirrors or am I just expected to know how to reverse engineer things on my own now?


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I download and install the latest app on my machine manually (using whatever means the vendor has provided like downloading a DMG for Skype, for example) then use Jamf Composer to package it into a .pkg file to upload into our Jamf Pro instance for Patch Management and install Policies.


Also, I should add that for macOS installers specifically, I've been using and highly recommend the "DownloadFullInstaller" app from Armin Briegel / scriptingosx.

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@binjali For Apple installers you'll find the Mr. Macintosh site invaluable: You still won't find any delta updates as of macOS Big Sur, but the site is updated for all new standalone macOS Monterey installers.

For other applications, you'll want to look at the combination of AutoPkgr and AutoPkg. For an overview of those tools see: