SSL Certificates Renewal Best Practice?

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Hi everyone,


We are needing to renew our SSL certs for our wifi networks in the coming weeks and are curious what other folks do when the time comes? We have about 300 iPads currently and had a rough time doing it last year so are looking for any tips. 


I inherited sort of a mess and am trying to clean up our configuration profiles and was thinking of deploying the new certificates as its own configuration profile to each location in this process. Is this something you do? 


Any suggestions would be great! 


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Really the only way to deliver and or update certificates to iPads is with a configuration profile.

  • Update the certificate in your existing configuration profile
  • Update the name of the profile to something like 0123 (Jan 2023, so you know which copy of the configuration profile a device has)
  • Save the configuration profile and tell it to go out to all devices.
  • If the old certificate needs to remain, make a new configuration profile instead of updating the existing one.

Though I don't think its a SSL certificate you are renewing as those are for websites and not 802.1x authenticated networks. 


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The certificates are X.509, but I was just repeating the information given to me. Thanks