Steps for deploying MacOs via Patch Management in sidebar

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I'm looking for guidance on deploying macOS via Patch Management in the sidebar.  The admin guides I've found do not even mention it.  Can I just push the dmg file up to the distribution point, set up a patch policy and poof?  How does everyone get the specific versions of macOS?


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If you are trying to upgrade macOS to specific version, you can use MDM commands (Action - Send Remote Commands - Update MacOS...) to specify the version you want. It'll work if you your Macs are DEP enrolled - and the only "official" way to do it in JAMF for Macs with Apple chips.

The old way (for Intel Macs only) is to create a policy with macOS package uploaded and startosinstall command in it, and scope it against your group of Macs.

People here have also mentioned erase-install script which seems to be quite useful tool for updates and upgrades as well.

However I've never tried to do it via Patch Management, but it sounds interesting...

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Depending on what your end goal is you cant. Apple stopped releasing macOS delta's for download back in Catalina. The only way to issue OS updates are all local to the device. You can tell the device to do the thing (MDM Command, Softwareupdate Binary, user action) but you cannot deploy and install OS updates with patch management. 


The "right way" to handle OS updates, is with MDM Commands. Use JAMF Mass Action. As far as using a policy, its not possible, and logging sucks. Please submit feed back on this, JAMF needs to do better.

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