Storage full message on iPad set up as Shared iPad

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Hi, I have an iPad set up as a Shared Device, when a specific user logs on and wants to use the camera app to use the video mode, instantly a message shows saying that the storage is full.

The iPad has 40gb free, the iCloud storage for the user has 2gb free. Anyone else that have ran into this issue?


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We saw an issue coming off iOS version 9.2 where storage space wasn't being made available even when we uninstalled Apps, removed pictures etc. Apple's suggestion was a full device reset. I'd say if the iPad was ever on 9.2 then this might be relevant, or maybe this bug has resurfaced.

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Thanks for the tip!

I did the following this morning. From Casper I deleted the user on the actual iPad, then I tested to log in as the user, used the camera app and recorded 3 movies about 5 minutes each, had no trouble with storage error messages.

Did some additional tests also to be sure, logged in as another user and tried to force the storage message but no luck. Logged back on to the iPad as the original user having the storage issue, still worked as expected.

I hope that this was the final solution, for anyone else reading this having the same issue:

Delete the Managed apple id user from your mdm solution on the actual iPad. That might solve your issue, at least worth a try.

The iPad used was an iPad Air 2, 64gb wifi with iOS 9.3.5.

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I've set up an iPad in Shared Mode with max one user. When the device starts downloading apps, the user account only shows half, 16gb, free space and 1.3 GB available. This is 2019 now, newer iPads, using Filewave to set the Shared Mode setting (no student information system data being looked at all, just managed AppleIDs).

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Same here, shared iPads seems to allocate storage to each user unrelated to the actual space the user "holds". This gives problems when installing apps and updates since the iPad seems to report "low on space" to jamf and the updates stalls.
Have been trying to find some info on the matter but have not succeded so far.

We only have 32Gb iPads and 2 users allowed in prestage settings. When two users have logged in there is usually about 200Mb left according to jamf.

Is there any knowledge about how shared iPads handle the storage space?

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I have had a similar problem with 32g ipad and 2 users - I reduced the # of apps but seesaw seems to be showing memory issues as does the iPad. The iPad gives a warning about storage full but when I select to "manage storage" it just quits - I can't figure out what is using so much memory - there are only 2 pictures on the iPad. How can you check memory app usage?


From using shared iPads this is what I know happens or have been told, is that the iPad will partition the space evenly amongst the users. So if you have a 32gb iPad and 10gb is iOS reserved that leaves 22gb free. If you have 2 users in your setup then each user will be allotted 11gb of space. But as you can see apps will take up space for each user as well, PLUS whatever is in their iCloud that might sync when they log in. Space can fill up very fast.

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2024 and these problems still exist.