SUPERMAN deployment for Apple updates

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I want to know how SUPERMAN works and how I will deploy in Jamf.

I built a policy and added the SUPERMAN script and added the script parameter in my policy, I executed on mac 

But I dont know how it works for Apple updates, how it will evaluate the pending updates and install it on end point.

Should I create another policy to evaluate the pending Apple updates and deploy on end point?



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@Asifahmed SUPERMAN is a script, the best way to learn how it works would be to study the script.

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but I am confused with implementation also, what exactly I need to do here to make it functional? What are the config profiles I need to push through Jamf? I just added the script in my policy and executed on mac as once per computer, I did set few script parameters also, but dont know what is next, any help will be appreciated.

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The best thing you can do is read through the wiki. There are also multiple videos on youtube on what the SUPERMAN script is and does. "How it works" is a multi-faceted answer because it can deploy updates in multiple ways, so the best answer is to read through the wiki documentation.

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I checked the video created by Kevin White who wrote this, but I am still confused about its implementation, do you want to provide me a good link so that I can understand it easily?

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Hello Asif,

Hope you're aware of India's Mac admin group.

Here is the recording of India's Mac admin on S.U.P.E.R.M.A.N YouTube channel -->

And this will help you to implement this solution in your environment step by step.

I already implemented it by own many days back.

Hi @Asifahmed, I now have the same problem of implementing superman v4 inour environment, can you please tell me what source have you used for implementation, thanks


I followed the wiki but please check your environment if you need to make any changes or it is applicable.

Hi Asif


We have M1 2021 in our environment, and mostly Monterey, I'm trying to bring them all up to 13.6 but jamf pro's update is failing and it's not happening, therefore I was thinking about superman v4 

I would appreciate it if you could help a bit




Were you able to find a solution with Superman? I a machine that is currently on 13.6 and trying to forcefully push it to 14.0 with Superman but seems not to be working. 

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Great! So, considering this is closed now!