Switching away from VMWare Carbon Black to Crowdstrike

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The state of Indiana has decided for government organizations that they are going to provide grants for/subsidize the cost for Crowdstrike statewide if orgs opt in to the program. We did and are successfully hoping to get a changeover made to Crowdstrike.


We've tested Crowdstrike and it seems to work fairly well. The only problem will lie in removing Carbon Black. Our subscription to it ends at the end of June. We have generated a mass deregistration code. I'm assuming when our subscription lapses that we will lose console access. Would I be wise to somehow export a list of individual uninstall codes? Probably yes, but I am unfamiliar with how to go about doing that.


What I don't want to see is that some situation where the client is uninformed of the company-wide de-registration code and will only take the individual uninstall code. I'm not sure whether we will lose console access either. Is anyone familiar with this process?


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Your CB subscription is lapsing, and you are asking how to export all of your individual deregistration codes from CB before you get locked out of the account? This is a Carbon Black question, not a Jamf question. 


I would suggest reviewing the CB terms and conditions your organization signed, you may need to remove the client BEFORE your subscription lapses. 

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Agreed mostly. One of the reasons we are switching along with the grant is the fact that after the Broadcom purchase, they can’t generate a renewal quote for us, even after our CTO pestered them 5 different times. We did not know when we signed with them about Broadcom. On that same front we are starting to see difficulties dealing with VMWare clusters in small orgs like ours.


sure I could have posted on Broadcom or contacted support. I was more interested in hearing from real-world admins. I ended up getting a solution to my specific problem though in two parts. We generated a single maintenance long before I started re-enrolling Macs in Carbon Black. The second part is that they cannot but us off per our contract as they agreed to roll it over month-by-month until they can generate a quote per our CTO. I’m already starting the uninstallations though.