Switching IDP from Okta -> Azure

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Hi All,

My company currently uses Okta as our IDP but plan on moving to Azure. This will also eliminate the need for a JIM server. Before I make the switch I want to verify of any major changes or possible impact that it may have to my current jamf instance. I want to make sure that end users will not be affected by this change. Currently our Jamf connect is using Okta, will this have to be updated to use Azure if switching to Azure IDP? 




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are you sure it will remove your need for the JIM ? if you deploy certs from on prem serversor do domain joins you might still need it.
With the switching some one with access to azure would have to have installed the jamf connect application in there and set it up, Then you will need to enter in the details from the applcation and instance to your jamf connect config you are deploying to your machines.
useful links below:
Integrating with Microsoft Azure AD - Jamf Connect Administrator's Guide | Jamf
Jamf Connect Login with Azure - Travelling Tech Guy

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Hi @SCCM , thanks for the doc links. According to our Jamf rep if we set Azure as our IDP we will no longer need the JIM servers since Azure will be handling all the group memberships. Okta is currently setup for our Jamf connect, could i continue to use the one in place even when switching to Azure IDP from Okta or will I have to re-create our Jamf Connect profiles and policies to use Azure instead?