Switching Pre-Staged Enrollment after starting?

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We have two primary Pre-staged enrollment that technicians use depending on the circumstance the Mac is being configured for. Using an Enrollment customization, the techs are prompted to confirm the device is using the correct pre-staged enrollment before continuing.


However, if it prompts the wrong one or the wrong enrollment was selected, we seem to be unable to go back and change it. We can adjust which Pre-Staged the computer is assigned too. We restart the computer/ setup assistant, wait for Jamf Pro to sync but when we attempt to start over, the computer will still think it's in the first Pre-Staged enrollment profile.


The only way I've been able to figure out to fix this is to wipe and reinstall macOS. Is there an easier/ quicker way to correct this? I've tried NVRAM, SMC reset, first aid, and just waiting longer. It seems like once Setup Assistant checks for remote management, there's no way to force it prompt again without fully reinstalling the OS. 


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You are correct. In fact, Macs pull down the enrollment record as soon as it sees an internet connection. So, if you boot a computer with an Ethernet adaptor connected, the computer will pull the enrollment record from Apple before setup starts. Used to be you could jump in to terminal and delete the enrollment record and force the Mac to check again. But, Apple has SIP protected that folder now. Pretty much a nuke & pave situation unfortunately. 

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If you can get back to the language chooser, you can get a root shell (control + command + option + T) and then use the following command: 

profiles renew -type enrollment


profiles -N


Then proceed with setup.