What Are The Pros and Cons of DEP PreStage Enrolment vs. User Enrolment

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We have computers that Apple missed getting put into DEP so they're working on it but normally can take a while to get fixed up. As we need to get our labs running we have a handful of Macs that we will just need to run with the "User Enrolment" option then look into a re-deployment with DEP later. 

I was trying to find a full list that breaks down the differences between DEP PreStage Enrolment vs. User Enrolment but only came across this one here https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Supervision.html

It helps give a good idea but would there be more of a breakdown of what's not available with a User Enrolled device? 

Thank you


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"User enrollment" is typically only used for BYOD deployments and requires using a Managed Apple ID from your org.  You likely want to use "Device Enrollment" for these devices until they can be added to your org and set up for Automated Device Enrollment.  More info can be found here: Enrolment types for mobile device management with Apple devices 


Once the devices are configured in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, and added to a PreStage in Jamf, if you need them to be Supervised, there is a mechanism to do that.