SymantecRemovalTool.command 8.0.3 Help

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Hey Jamf Nation!

We are trying to remove SEP 14.x from all our Macs.

We deploy the .command file to /private/var then have "File and Processes" start the shell script file. You'd think this would work fine since "File and Processes" is a root execution, but the end user still gets prompted to enter a username and password dialog.

Anyone got a way around this?

We are using the script from:


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We ended up being able to remove SEP without admin prompts using this script:

This script is 5 years old - don't you have issues with system extensions, or have you not moved to Catalina+ ?

I've also been tasked with finding a way to remove SEP without requiring the local user to be admin and run into the issue of not being able to remove system extensions programmatically


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The suggestion by @diprentice works like a charm. Thanks!