System Preference Panes Restrictions

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I have been using this to add custom Preference Panes to the Restriction section and then allowing them
After updating to 9.51 from 9.32 all of the custom panes i added are missing and there is now a 3rd Party section of the payload. This contains only 2 items Java and MySql. those are the 2 items that were on the server at the time of the upgrade. I have tried to install software on the server to see if that would new items to the 3rd Party section but that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know how I can get the custom items i added in the past to show up or how to get new items to show in the 3rd Party section.


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Make sure to consult your Tomcat Backup from your upgrade. It should contain the custom changes you made. Each upgrade puts a new Tomcat implementation on there. You just have to re-add your custom changes. The good news is that your settings on the clients should still remain, but to see it in the GUI, you have to reapply your custom changes.