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Hello! We recently replaced close to 100 iPad Mini 2 with iPad Mini 4. (Seemingly) since we did this, our cellular data usage has gone up dramatically. I've looked at a few of the iPads and found high data consumption classified as "General" in Settings->Cellular Data->System Settings.

As an example, the iPad I have in front of me now has used 4.9 gigs of cellular data in the "General" category.

Can anyone tell me what uses the data that ends up being classified as "General"?


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I would try disabling cellular data for iCloud Drive (scroll to the bottom of the cellular data section in the Settings app). I had this issue a year ago, with a large "General" category in my data usage. I had recently dumped a bunch of video files onto my desktop and iCloud was syncing that to my phone in the Files app.

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we don't have the users signed in to iCloud. Actually, we don't even have them sign in to the iPad with their Apple ID. The Apple ID is only entered into the iPad to sign in to FaceTime and iMessages.

iCloud Drive was not listed in the Cellular Data section. Thanks for the response, though.

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Do you know if there is anyway to control cellular data usage in Jamf?