Target Mode imaging stuck on "Creating First Run Enroll Script"

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Target mode does block copy of image, then installs the image. After installing the base image it then gets stuck on:

Creating usr/sbin/Jamf...
"Creating First Run Enroll Script..."

I left the Target mode running over night only to come back to the same screen.

Also if i look at the connected Macintosh HD in my finder and browse all the system files appear to be there but the target mode is stuck at the same stage.

Any suggestions appreciated!



I had that same problem last week. I figured out it was my base image, but I never could figure out exactly what the problem was. I went back to an earlier version of the image and it worked fine. Ended up just creating a new one and I haven't had the problem again.

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Its a strange one, i erased the HDD then used the installESD.dmg to install fresh OSX on the machine and configured and packaged the OS again and ended up with the same problem.

Maybe i should try a different machine.. *sighs*