Teem EventBoard and LobbyConnect deployment plist

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When deploying EventBoard and LobbyConnect, the app starts with a code to use to activate the iPad with the Teem Servers connecting it to your system and letting you use it. One huge challenge here is once deployed, the iPads might not be in the same floor/building/city/state as the team managing them so getting the code could be a challenge.
First thought is to some how view the screen with Jamf, perhaps a screen shot uploaded to Jamf Cloud or screen share with no one on the other side.
Watching the 2016 JNUC talk by Zach Holmquist, co-founder and CTO of Teem, he showed a step using a .plist that would authenticate the ipad with the Teem servers. Does anyone have any insight on where to get/generate this app config plist file and how to configure it???

Here is the entertaining talk: https://www.jamf.com/resources/videos/mindful-device-management-a-journey-on-the-path-to-large-scale...