Terminal Error

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When I open my terminal instead of seeing my Mac name (e.g. bp-Macbook)

I'm seeing this on both of my Macs, a restart of the Terminal resolved this on my iMac, but not my Macbook Pro
Has anyone seen this before?

Is this a hack? I ran a Virus scan and Malewarebytes nothing was found, and I don't see another account in the terminal


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It looks like your default prompt has changed? Did you install any tools that modifies your zsh environment? (oh-my-zsh is common)

Open the ~/.zshrc with an editor and look an see if you have anything in there like PROMPT=

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Is that number your computers serial number or network hardware (MAC) address?

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Thanks for the response, this happened on two Macs, no tools were installed. The numbers were the AT&T router.
On an iMac quitting and re-opening the terminal a couple of times fixed it. On the other, a MacBook, a restart fixed it. Everything looks ok in the file. I've had no issues since then. Thanks again