Thaws a Deep Freeze Partition and software update

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Hi all,

We are using deep freeze to protect the Mac and now start to use Jamf Pro to manage our Mac. 

We found a issue is how to thaws the deep freeze partition and run Software update , after that freeze it again.

I want to try , but will planning the policy, I think it will need to reboot few times , will it break the policy running?


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@clothoest Yes, if you restart while a policy is running it won't be logged as completed.

If you have a process that requires multiple restarts you could deploy a LaunchDaemon and script combo that will run when the Mac boots up (I'm guessing you're not using FileVault) and writes a log file to keep track of where in the process it is and performs each step locally on the Mac instead of trying to do it via a Jamf Policy.