The JAMF Pro connector beta is experiencing issues with authentication and is unable to authenticate

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I am attempting to utilize the built-in JAMF Pro connector available as a data source type in Power BI Desktop. I have entered the instance URL and service account credentials, and I am able to view the available tables.

However, when I attempt to select a table, I receive an error message stating "unable to connect to the remote server." I have been informed that the service account has full read access. Should I investigate the roles assigned to the service account in JAMF?

Alternatively, could this connector be known for having reliability issues or being faulty?


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I had this issue this morning as well. All my Jamf powerbi connections stopped working over the past weekend.

Ended up finding out something had indeed changed on their end.

The solution for me was to ignore the error and go to the transform data area.

1. In PowerBi Desktop press transform data on the dashboard you have connected jamf. 

2. Right-click one of the tables from which the JAMF connecter tried to import data and press "Advanced Editor"

3. Look at the Source line. (usually line 2)
4. Remove the forward slash at the end of the source. delete space and press ok.

Original: Source = JamfPro.Contents(""),

Fixed: Source = JamfPro.Contents(""),

5. Data loaded fine after that. Really strange but that seemed to fix the issue. 


Hopefully this helps. Loved all the refresh errors I received over the weekend. 




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Hello @SmithRV2 ,

The above provided information really helpful

Thanks for the link, Original: Source = JamfPro.Contents(""),

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You can also try to log in using your own user ID and password to determine if you are authorised user