The weirdest thing I've ever seen...



I’m unsure if this is a Jamf or macOS support matter, but we’re seeing EXTREMELY PECULIAR behaviour enrolling a specific computer into Jamf.

The computer, after user creation completes and the desktop appears works fine, but following a reboot and logon DEPNotify runs and locks the device completely attempting to run an installation. The very same device, once wiped and rebuilt, will display NoMAD during the user account creation process, see screenshots below.

This is strange because:

DEP Notify is only deployed to Macs during a Pre-stage enrolment that IS NOT SCOPED to this Mac. Jamf inventory doesn’t report the app installed on the device. The DEP Notify script that’s running is completely generic, and not related to the Durham script/configuration.

I’ve never seen applications appear during the macOS OOBE setup, NoMAD is scope to install on the device but at recurring check-in, which is typically after the desktop is presented.

Any ideas as to what is happening here, we’re quite confused and concerned this may affect other newly enrolled devices.