There was an error creating resources on the JSS - when using Casper Remote 9.01

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Yesterday I upgraded from 8.74 to 9.01, today my 2nd level techs contacted me that whenever they attempt to push a package thru Casper Remote, they receive the error "there was an error creating resources on the JSS"
I confirmed the tech's were using Casper Remote 9.01.
I confirmed I could log in with my admin acct and push software with no issues from my mac and the tech's mac.
So I tweaked the custom settings under their acct, and thanks to Will @ JAMF Support, you need to have Policies - Create checked.

In other words, System Settings - Accounts and Groups - Select the acct or group - go to Privileges Tab - JSS Objects - Edit - select Create check box for Policies.

Have them quit Casper Remote and log back in, they should now be able to push software.


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Thanks for posting, this was driving me crazy!

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Solved my issue too.


Me Too!

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Meeeee Too!


@JasonAdams, thank you for posting.

Just ran into this on my 9.25 test environment - your note fixed the CR issue.

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Thank You!!!

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Thank you, this fixed my problem also.


I just got this issue when using Casper Remote but only once. I am the system admin and have all permissions. It told me it couldn't create resources on the jss on the first attempt and succeeded on the second. No other problems and I have been using 9.32 for a couple of weeks now. Definitely my favourite release so far.

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Thanks for sharing mate. It was giving me hard time too. G8 find.

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this still works in 10.3.1!!

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This setting works in 10.4.1 as well... I see setting this option does not appear to allow the user to create a policy in the webapp (based on the other privileges I have set). We have a subnet a techs that have limited access to certain functions of the webapp and Jamf Remote...

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  • benducklow....

What privileges do you have set to prevent your subnet of techs from creating a policy in the webapp? I also have several techs & I've been struggling with this for a couple of weeks.

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@jmbozarth - Boy, this is an old post! From what I recall, I think *they technically can create a policy due to this setting...(I discovered at one time, a tech created one, but they could not delete it.) In our support organization, we limited the ability to whom can use Jamf Remote to just our 3rd level-type techs and push/promote the idea/concept of "If its needed in Jamf Remote, we should look at a way to get it in Self Service." mentality. Having this mentality prevents techs from just 'throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks', but rather find out the root cause and get it fixed at a higher level or setup a Self Service policy to address the issue at hand. This has probably resolved 80%+ of the needs for the Jamf Remote tool being needed to begin with.

Related to all this is an old Feature Requests to have more granular permissions to prevent this type of gap between Jamf Remote and creating policies in the web app, but like many others, it's been 'Under Review' for 4+ years: