Things to keep in mind/pitfalls when upgrading from Mojave to Catalina?

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Our entire fleet of staff laptops is currently running either Mojave or High Sierra (mostly the former), but we're at the point where we'll be getting new units that ship with Catalina. When upgrading from 10.13 to 10.14, there were some hiccups, such as applications requiring new permissions that didn't ask before, among other minor things.

Is there anything to watch out for regarding Configuration Profiles and Policies that may work fine in Mojave, but start messing up in Catalina (especially things that one wouldn't notice immediately after upgrading)? Or, I guess a better question might be: what issues did you run into? I've already replaced any 32-bit packages with 64-bit ones, since that seemed like the big one.

Thanks a ton.


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PPPC, whitelisting KEXTs, some programs moved from Applications/Utlilites to System/Applications.

Issues? Not really. Mojave to Catalina went smooth. That being said, less than 1% of my fleet is on Catalina. No problems with any teachers, students or labs (so far).

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My biggest gripe is the thing allowing/disallowing notifications. I have also ran into issues with Cylance and Symantec (our AVs) not playing nice with Catalina. Other than that, smooth!

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If you have any 32 bit apps or that installers that have some 32 bit components (Adobe), they will not work. Here is a discussion on discovering 32 bit apps: