Third-Party Software Patching

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the boards and just getting started with administering JAMF. I was wondering if anyone had a good program to automate third-party software patching? I know with JAMF, you can receive patch notifications, but then you need to manually package the application and push it to the appropriate groups. Is there anything that will check the Internet for the newest version of applications that you specify and provide the package for you or auto-update (or schedule an update) for all client machines? One colleague mentioned using Munki along with Autopkg.

Maybe I am not aware of the full functionality of JAMF patch management. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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No real need for Munki (which is great, but somewhat of a duplication of some of Jamf's options). DO take a good long look at AutoPKG though. Really great software. Some recipes will work directly with Jamf to update policies, etc, but those use the older-style policies, not the "New" style Jamf patch management policies. I prefer to use AutoPKG (or AutoPKGr if you want the GUI) running on a schedule, and then simply upload the packages myself and update definitions within Jamf. Still a lot of manual steps, but doesn't take long at all, and gives me the chance to validate the package on a test machine before I ever upload it if I want to.