Ticketing System?

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What do you use for your ticketing system? Looking to find something that integrates with JAMF. Any suggestions?



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Doesn't intergate into Jamf but we just started using Spoke and it's simple for sure but wow I love it.


We've used Web Help Desk from SolarWinds for the last 6 years but we're moving to something more modern next year. We haven't picked the replacement yet so I'm interested in responses here as well.

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We deployed Snipe-IT on prem at my org. The documentation is sort of confusing but we figured it out. Someone developed a script you can run on the on prem that syncs the data from Jamf to the inventory system. I ran into a snag on the script so it's on hold right now.

You can have it email people when you assign or check out assets to them. You can also set up items people can check out like loaner computers or mifis. It also integrates with Slack.


I've had experience with Zendesk and ServiceNow, depending on your budget I'd recommend ServiceNow but Zendesk is really good too.

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We're on ZenDesk which I think is great, though we still haven't implemented a lot of features... however, our higher-ups has good previous experiences with FreshDesk, so I will probably head the integration of that once I catch up on my current list of stuff ;-)

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Just started deploying Freshservice, which is pretty good.

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@pete_c Have you been able to deploy Freshservice for ticket submissions? im looking to enable an icon on the macbooks for users to be able to easily submit tickets with a click. Curious if anyone has been able to accomplish this? TIA