TIL: having a / in a script name causes it not to run

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We had a policy that ran a script. We were requested to add another feature to the script so we changed the name to previous script name w/ new feature and suddenly it was failing 100% on our test machines.

After spinning our heads and double checking syntax over and over again we realized that the / in the script name was causing the error. We changed the name to previous script name with new feature and everything is working normally.

FYI that is a thing that can happen.



This same issue bit me. Someone added a / character to the name of a script I wrote when they were moving it to production. And we were stumped for 3 days until finally I went back to TEST, added a / to the Display Name there, and that script broke. So know we know. :)

Good explanation here Scripts get downloaded, display name intact, to a jamf /tmp location on the workstation--so if you use a file path delimiter in your script Display Name the jamf binary can't call it because it can't find it. :)