Time in Casper Focus Classes

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What is the purpose for having the time in classes for Casper Focus? If you have a flexible schedule as for classes i.e: hundreds for classes and teachers is this a viable thing to be using? Do class times clash with other Teachers classes if its a different schedule in the week? Also does this allow casper focus to release the app from being focused by utilizing classes? Can other teachers overlap on your schedule with a classroom of students? I believe I know the answers to these questions, but sometimes I think I need a refresher.

Thanks for all info and for chiming in!



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Hi Matt,

The purpose of having the time is so that the device is placed into the proper teacher's focus when the student is with that teacher. You are able to pick class times based upon times and days. So in a college a student could be placed in a class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 - 10:30. The other purpose of the time is for JSS to know when to release the iPad from Focus if the teacher forgets to do that because the focus is a certificate placed upon the iPad based upon a time setting in the JSS. I am not sure (from your description) if Casper Focus will work in your setting, but our teachers LOVE Casper Focus. We did not have it deployed last school year and they tell me it has made a huge difference in their classrooms. I know this also because students complain about it regularly. I hope this helps.