Time machine backup issues?

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Has anybody managed to get this working? There is a discussion from a few years ago here https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/10110/configuration-profile-for-time-machine that details the same problem, with no resolution.

In short: A configuration profile with Time Machine is pushed out to all machines - it says completed, though all machines have time machine showing as unconfigured in sys prefs.

To go with this I have also pushed out two scripts, containing the command tmutil enable, and tmutil start backup, to run either side of the config profile. Again, nothing seems to work, although the profile isn't failing.

Ive tried connecting to the share remotely via smb, and I can read/write, although when using afp, I get a password authentication prompt that no credentials (network, or the local admin) will get past, even with settings in Server > Time machine set to 'All users' and File sharing in sys prefs is set to Everyone Read/Write

Has anyone else encoutered/overcome this problem?


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Looks like 5 years later no one else has any answers for this. Have you figured out anything since this post?