Timer for Policies in self service

New Contributor

We have policy with scripts for temporary admin access for 120 mins, we scope them to the requested user's self service. We used to remove the target in the policy EOD everyday. Can we automate this policy to remove the target machines after 24 hrs of including or at the EOD everyday? I have created a feature request for this. Can someone please help us here?

Feature request: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/10444/temprary-time-for-the-policy-in-self-service


New Contributor II

You'd need to implement this using Jamf's API running on a system outside of Jamf (maybe something like an AWS Lambda function running on a schedule). That way you could schedule it to clear the policy scope at the end of each day. Not ideal, but better than having/forgetting to do it manually!