Tomcat Settings are blank?

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I was troubleshooting the following two errors when I noticed that in my production environment (JSS v9.3), the Tomcat settings in the JSS are blank using the Built-in Certificate.

Errors from when the Macs are failing to complete any policy or check-in:

1.) "Failed to enforce the management framework: Device Signature Error - A valid device signature is required to perform the action
2.) There was an error. *** -[__NSArrayI objectAtIndex:]: index 1 beyond bounds [0 .. 0]

My Dev environment, which was created by restoring a backup of the Production environment, shows me the JSS Built-in Certificate, but I only have a handful of Macs enrolled there and since this issue is so sporadic I can't really tell if this is the cause or not. Either way, something doesn't seem right with the JSS not showing the Tomcat settings. I've tried the following so far:

- Restarted Tomcat on my Windows Server.
- sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -force on the client
- Removed the JAMF framework, plist, /Library/Application Support/JAMF - which includes the JAMF keychain.
- Deleted the Built-in Certificate from the System Keychain.
- Re-enrolling using sudo jamf enroll -prompt and the QuickAdd package
- Everything from (
- Restored the same db in Production that I used in Dev where the Tomcat setting do appear. The Dev environment is running JSS v9.31, but when I remove the JAMF framework from client in Prod (JSS v9.3) having the issue and try to enroll into Dev, I get the same error(s).

I have an open ticket with JAMF support, but want to see if anyone else has seen this before or had any additional thoughts/recommendations.



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did you have any luck with this issue?

I had a machine with the same error as #2 - saw this other post (, and was chasing issues with the local management account. Finally blew away the local account, its home directory, AND removed the jamf framework. Reran the Recon QuickAdd package and everything worked great again. A lot of handholding for that, so glad for a shortcut if you have one, in case I see this again.
Thank you.

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I did some testing in our Dev environment and found that regenerating the SSL cert using the JSS's built-in CA seemed to fix issues #1-2 listed above.

While I was waiting for the scheduled change in our production environment, I had a script for any Macs having this error that removed:
- /Library/Keychains/System.keychain
- /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain
- /Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.jamf.plist
- /Library/Application Support/JAMF/*

I then removed Framework, rebooted, and re-enrolled.

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Thanks for the tips.