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Hi all,
We're about to to a large refresh cycle of our laptops and was wondering if there would be any benefit from bumping the memory in the Tomcat settings.
Currently Min mem is 256MB and Max mem is 512MB.

I recall 6 months or so ago when talking to our JAMF rep that if we get any bigger we might want to look at this.

I got there from the JSS Database Utility, utilities tab, change tomcat settings.



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For comparison, I have 256MB min, 8GB max allocated to Tomcat on my JSS. I rarely see it use above 3GB of RAM. Except when there is a problem...

MacPro late-2013, Mac OS X 10.11, ~10,000 managed clients

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Amanda Wulff wrote up a great post a while back on optimized settings you should use within a specific client count. It's a few years old but a great guideline as a starting point and I think the information is still very relevant.

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I would definitely look at upping the max RAM level. It does depend on the number of clients, and their usage patterns (more self service requires more RAM), but I would probably set the max to at least 2 GB.

Running close to the limit means tomcat tends to crash when it hits it.

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Thanks for everyone's input. This has put me on the right path.