Touchbar MacBook Pros + USB Ethernet + FileVault

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So we are seeing an issue that I wanted to see if other folks are also experiencing.

When a new Touchbar MBP is FileVaulted and has an Apple USB-Ethernet adaptor plugged in either via a USB-C to USB-A adaptor or one of the Apple Multiport HDMI/VGA adaptors, the filevault login screen will be extremely slow/unresponsive and often won't let you even type anything into the password field. If you restart without it plugged in, everything is fine.


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We've noticed that there might be an issue with the Apple USB Type C Multiport adapters. Users with one of these adapters and an external display have experienced interruptions to the external display (i.e., black outs) that last for a second or two. These can occur in several series of black outs or just one. Happens for a few seconds then doesn't occur again for a while. Notable that the main laptop display does not sleep/black out.

We don't have many of the other adapters to test substitutes and obviously no Type C monitors are readily available. Testing with other types of dongles/adapters will help tremendously.