Trigger inventory update for CSV of mobile device serial numbers?


I hope to expedite my reassigning of student mobile devices this year through the use of MUT. Instead of manually logging in on every single device with the students' usernames and passwords, I've (temporarily) modified my prestage enrollment profile to not require authentication, and instead am going to use MUT to assign the devices to students. This part works great!

The downfall, however, is that my apps and profiles are assigned by a combination of the "room" field and the "building" field, which are populated from AD. This used to happen immediately when authenticating on devices manually. When I use MUT to populate the username, however, it immediately populates the user's email address, but doesn't populate the user's room and building until AFTER a device inventory update happens.

I COULD create additional CSVs to pipe into MUT that would update the building and room manually, but I think it would create less of a headache if the fields could just be populated from AD. I don't think I want to run a full inventory update on thousands of devices after setting up each cart of 30, so I'm hoping there's a way to modify the Mobile Device Inventory Updater script to run against a CSV of serials instead of the entire inventory.